• Filip Boksa

Shopify Guide: How To Sell More Phone Cases

A lot of customers who purchase consulting from us sell phone cases. It's a great business to get into on a tiny budget because through Oberlo and Shopify you can be ready to go within just a few hours. Phone cases are also easy to sell because they are usually sold for under or around $20, and everyone needs them. Here is an example of a previous client who sells excellent phone cases: https://lavishphonesny.com/ (if you ever need a good phone case, check his site out). I show his example because he follows the same steps that we teach and that I am about to show you in this blog post.

(These steps can also be applied to other similar industries)

Fill up your home page

The more products you add to the home page, the better chance you will have of selling multiple items. Selling more than 1 item is essential when running an e-commerce store because it increases your customer value. Now when people spend more, your profits increase and you can spend more money on acquiring new customers while your email list and brand grow.

Place the best products towards the top

You need to hook users (the bait) by showcasing your hottest items towards the top of your store. These are the items that the majority of people are buying. You should also advertise these items to attract users to your store. 

If you're starting, you will need to guess what items may be the hottest sellers. I encourage people to interview friends or relatives so that they provide some form of feedback. Later once you collect data from real buyers, you can re-organize your store, which can quickly be done inside of Shopify. 

Notice how I don't tell you to use a landing page? The reason why is because you're at the beginning stages of your business. You're focusing on selling one product to a specific audience, and we're building out your home page to act as the landing page. Once you start to expand, you will need to build specific landing pages (I will write a separate blog post on this in the future).

Add in reviews

72% of users won't take any action before they read some reviews, which means this step is essential. Shopify is great because they allow you to collect reviews under each product, and the more reviews you get, the higher the chance of converting a user into a customer.

Don't neglect this step because building up your brand through reviews is an essential part of growing a business.

You can also check out SalesHangry a feedback bot that my company created. It can easily be added to your Shopify site and it will help with engagement, conversions and sales.

Have amazing images

Another considerable part that a lot of people take for granted. Find images that are of high quality and are eye-catching. It will significantly increase engagement, interest, and sales. Add a good cover image (featured image) and also add in additional photos on the inside of the product description page.

Quick shipping and have it visible

In e-commerce, shipping is often a breaking point. If your items take weeks or months to deliver, it can kill the sale. Find items that will be delivered within days and make that visible to the user. Don't make them look for it. If shipping is a big part of your brand, advertise it on the home page, if not at least add it on the inside of the product description page.

You must follow all of these steps when building out your e-commerce store. It boosts conversions and sales. If you need more advice, you can read this blog post I wrote on my personal blog.