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How Filip Boksa Started Sassy Egg, Inc.

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Sassy Egg, Inc was founded in 2016 by Filip Boksa. Filip founded the company after he grew his cleaning service to over $5,000,000 by the time he was 22 years old. Him and his partner reached that goal by investing only $6,000.

"I figured I gained some knowledge and I wanted to start sharing it with other upcoming entrepreneurs. After all, we've made ton of mistakes and I always wished I had someone to show us what to do next."

Within 12 months Sassy Egg, Inc was a powerhouse amongst many young adults. Eventually we even started BookingKoala to help those that wanted to duplicate what Filip achieved with his cleaning service King of Maids.

We've helped thousands of people and today we decided to start this blog in order to help thousands more.

We will often write about topics related to entrepreneurship, sales and marketing.

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Team Sassy Egg.