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What Makes A Good Website

Whether you want readers to read your blog or you want buyers to buy from your website, having a well put together website is essential. Your site resembles your brand, and it's necessary to have your website positively represent your brand.

Research says that 75% of consumers admit that they judge business credibility based on their website. Now that you understand how important it is to have a good website, let's talk about what a good website should have:

A mission and a clear path

Each brand has a mission. Our mission is to help businesses with marketing, sales, and growth. We need to display everything on our website that relates to those topics; otherwise, it leaves a user confused.

Not only does the mission have to be precise, but so does the path you outline for the user. If you focus on blogging, it's essential to have a link at the top of your website for easy access.

If you're a cleaning company, for example, that focuses on green cleaning, display that information. Make a tab about green cleaning and make it visible to future visitors. If people ask a lot of questions, showcase an FAQ tab wherever appropriate and visible. Make things easy for visitors.

Good professional design

One way of increasing website conversions and readers is by always keeping your design up to date. In a fast-paced digital world, it's not easy to keep up with technology advancements, especially for small-sized businesses. If you're someone with a tight budget, we recommend using a website building service.

The best website builders make it easy for small-sized businesses to build out modern and simple websites. Whenever technology advances, they do all the hard work for you. On top of all that such services have professionally made templates that you can use. Install a template, and you'll have a beautifully made site in minutes.

Updated content

No one wants outdated content. It's important to review your website or blog every six months to ensure that it's up to date. Go over all of your pages and make sure that everything is updated. If you have pages that are ranked inside the search engines, this becomes even more important.

We recommend setting a reminder for yourself. Indeed it's not a fun task, but it's worth the time.

No grammatical errors

There's a reason why large publication sites such as Entrepreneur and Forbes invest millions of dollars in professional writers and editors. Invest in a tool such as Grammarly to reduce your grammatical errors.

Fast load time

Most visitors leave a website if it takes to long to load. In fact; 47% of consumers expect a page to load in 2 seconds or less. If you're hiring developers to build a site for you, make sure they check for load time. If you're using an excellent website building service, this step will be done for you.