• Scott Roberts

12 Valuable WordPress Plugins You Might Not Be Using

The popularity of WordPress continues to grow, with an estimated 34% of all websites powered by the platform. Plugins are an integral part of the setup, allowing serious flexibility to a basic installation. There are approximately 50,000 plugins within the WordPress directory, but most sites only stick to the most popular options. The vast library of options can improve a website, though, so it is vital to be aware of your choices. The following options are a selection of the quality plugins you might not be aware of.


TrustPulse is a social proof plugin that can increase conversions on your site. When visitors complete actions on your website, such as buying a product or joining your email list, a notification appears on the screen. These notifications are proven to increase trust, encouraging visitors to complete a similar action.


MonsterInsights is a Google Analytics plugin, adding the reporting directly to your WordPress dashboard. Targets and goals can be set, with the ability to monitor the results quickly and efficiently. The plugin will offer live tracking of page visitors and the actions taken. You can also optimize elements using A/B testing.

Google Authenticator

The Google Authenticator app allows for 2-Step Verification on your mobile device. The WordPress plugin uses this method for logging into your site, adding an extra layer of security. WordPress blogs are prone to hacking attempts, so adding more protection is a smart approach to take.


LearnDash is a learning management system tool, allowing you to create courses and programs for users. Info product creators, colleges, and businesses can all benefit from the plugin, building out structured learning programs that deliver consumable content. Various elements like rewards, certificates, and drip-fed content, enhance the possibilities.

Social Warfare

Social Warfare is a comprehensive social sharing plugin. Social shares can lead to increased traffic and promotion, but many people will forget to like blog posts. Social Warfare offers many customization options, so you can increase the numbers of people who like and share content.

WPS Hide Login

WordPress blogs are often subjected to hacking attempts. WPS Hide Login is a plugin that changes the standard login page URL, reducing the number of hacking attempts from bots. Not only does this process add extra security, but it can reduce the strain on the server from bot traffic.

Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security provides several security features to add to the existing elements created by WordPress. The plugin will scan files for malware and suspicious activity. Any changes to your site will get logged, so you can browse for any updates you haven't authorized. The plugin can also offer best practices if you do find your site was compromised.


Slow websites offer a negative user experience, so it is crucial to improve the performance. Perfmatters aims to optimize every aspect of your WordPress site, allowing for quicker loading and a smoother experience. The primary function of the plugin is to disable scripts and features that are clogging up the database.


Another factor that can slow down loading times is image size. Most images on WordPress could be reduced in size without losing any real quality for the user. Imagify is an image compression plugin that aims to quickly reduce the file size while still keeping the overall quality.


Various factors from hacking to server issues can lead to sites, either partially or entirely, being lost. VaultPress can resolve these issues by backing up your site and then installing a saved version to your domain. The plugin can also be used to migrate the site from one URL to another.

Envira Gallery

Sites that need to showcase attractive images and videos can benefit from Envira Gallery. The plugin provides a drag and drop builder, offering complete flexibility in your gallery design. You can use a slideshow, lightbox, and various other template options. It is also possible to add social buttons to the images for easy sharing.

Pretty Links

Pretty Links is a simple plugin that makes it easy to create attractive links across your site. If you are promoting an affiliate page, for example, you can turn an ugly affiliate URL into a memorable link that encourages users to click. You can also track the volume of clicks each link receives.

WordPress is an extremely powerful platform, but most sites don't take full advantage of the flexibility. There are countless themes to change the design and layout of a page, but the plugins are also integral to building something user-friendly and creative. Plugins can work in the background, streamlining your site for the benefit of users. You can, though, use plugins more conspicuously, improving the design and gaining more social likes. You won't want to overdo it with plugins, but a small selection of quality tools can make a big difference.